Corporate Profile

Allstar Capital Group is one of California’s premiere private money lenders. With years of experience in residential, commercial, construction, and mixed-use lending, our lending policies, key industry relationships, dedication to service, and superior investment returns, have made Allstar Capital Group the preferred choice for borrowers, investors, and lenders looking for loan servicing solutions.

Managing a large loan portfolio and serving between 500-600 investors, with personal funds, IRAs, and pension plans, Allstar Capital Group’s continued commitment to finding borrowers with acceptable collateral and the ability to repay the debt, coupled with our strict lending guidelines and hands-on management, have proven to be extremely successful in terms of portfolio performance, client satisfaction and loyalty.

Allstar Capital Groups’s well defined strategy of providing prime California investment opportunities, expert evaluation, precise execution, and our ability to provide superior returns for our clients, is the core of our success, and the foundation of our growth.


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